Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 9 May 2011

One of those days…… where nothing goes right!!

Not sure what stuck me that morning, In full zoom had bath in the morning, changed clothes n felt that my body was kinda rigid and needs some exercise, hence decided to do some toe touches as my hubby went up to get our packed lunch boxes and morning tea..

1….2 and there came the deadly 3 and here comes the low back pain………Aaaaaaaaaah I felt like someone is holding my low back and pulling it, my immediate reaction was to look around to see who did that to me.. (Especially after listening to Bhoot stories @ office the thing was still in my mind)

I couldn’t walk to the next room, tired I slept off on the bed, Hubby was scared to see me suffer and told me not to go to office…. Me like a big fool said "Its ok its not much may be just a muscle catch" took rest for 5 mins and got ready and asked him to drop me to the Office bus…

Once in office the pain became unbearable and I decided to return back home in a cab… It took me 10 phone calls to all possible cab companies, finally one of them agreed to drop me… I went directly to the Ayurvedic massage centre and got a nice Kerala style massage thinking that everything will be alright..Hubby came soon to pick me up and we went home, Mom n dad called up and asked me to go to a doc (orthopedic), Hubby also insisted a lot and finally I agreed to go..

2 hrs of waiting 1 X-ray, lots of tension, scared that it might be a "Slip disc" finally met the doc and he says "No fracture but it is a "Acute Lumbosacral strain" and that you need bed rest, no climbing stairs and 10 physiotherapy sessions" . There was definitely a temporary relief that it was not serious but on the other hand I had to be on complete rest for 3 days and therapies :'( Hubby's first reaction was "Thanks god"!! He immediately ordered me not to go to office for 3 days and take complete bed rest. Innumerable questions pop up in my mind-  Oh 3 days leave to office, I think it may be LOP
3 days complete bed rest, Cant climb stairs??? How will I manage everything etc… Got my first therapy done and left home…

Day 1 @ Home (Wednesday)
Poor darling hubby WFH and stayed with me and took very nice care of me, did not allow me to even walk or do anything,.. Hubby even changed the position of TV so that I can view it while sleeping on the bed from the room chooooo sweet na :). Staying @ home whole day and not allowed to do any work is so boring @ the same time its nice coz u r treated like a Queen, I was getting little bored too coz hubby couldn’t spend much time as he was working from home :)
I slept well, ate well and rested the whole day.

Day 2 @ Mom's house(Thursday)
After discussing with hubby on the situational following points emerged and we chose to go to Mom's house-
  • We did not wanted to give unnecessary work/tensions to MIL as she also could not also climb stairs
  • I would also become restless and lonely @ home
  • I wanted to see Mom n Dad mostly Dad
  • They couldn't visit my house as it was not 45 days since my granny passed away :(
  • So after thinking all this we decided to go to Mom's house
Thursday morn enroute to hubby's office he dropped me @ Mom's house after having a nice breakfast. This was the First time after marriage I stayed @ Mom's house and took complete rest, Just ate and did nothing… :) Felt nice it is such a relief too.. Chatted wit parents, ate, watched TV read my novel, browsed for sometime and ultimately towards the night missed hubby a lot… I wonder how my mom used to take a 2 month vacation to Mysore without dad… One day and I was missing hubby.. Really should appreciate Mom coz she did it for kids sake and little herself too :)

Day 3 (Friday)- Akshaya Thrithiya

Got up lazily, had tea @ the balcony, read paper, breakfast was ready ate, watched TV wow felt royal :)
Got facial done @ home as a beautician was asked to com home itself and relaxed myself for the rest of the day, Was little excited to see hubby in the evening and lil sad that all the luxuries of sitting and eating will be over as I would be returning back home..we left @ around 7:00 went to a jewellery shop to buy gold as it was akshaya thrithiya and then to my therapy and then back to home… Felt nice and tired too :(

Day 4 (Saturday)
Back to home, back to reality, cleaning, washing, cooking, preparing for the week to come, the day went off like this, Although I restrained to work I couldn’t resist and the day went as usual. Hubby really helped me in all the chores..

Day 5 (Sunday)
Looked Like I was back in track coz I prepared poori for breakfast, pulkas and Kichdi for lunch, washed clothes got tired and slept off. Took an appointment in Lakme for a hair cut and ended up pampering myself with a Hair spa too :), at around 8:00 realized that the week of pampering myself was over and I had to return to the crude, harsh world of reality :'(

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