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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sweet Dreamzz

I love to dream and wish that the good ones should come true!!
There have been times when I dream with my eyes open, mostly about our future, before marriage it was to get married and settled and now about realising the life after marriage!!

Hubby and me mostly share our dreamz and talk about it.. A happy dream makes your day and a sad one spoils it by spoiling your mood.....

It was Long since hubby and me had actually discussed or rather dreamt anything sweet
Today morning @ around 5:30 AM we both were awakened by the sound of the motor I guess and hubby darling who generally is a Kumbh Karan (who sleeps no matter an elephant makes sound in front of you) opened his eyes and started telling me this with a smile on his lips... :)

Hubby- "You know what I dreamt about our Baby and it was a Baby Girl :)"
Me - Aaaaaaaaawww cho sweet :)
Hubby (with a sweet smile)- "She very much resembled me and you know she had bad cold .... I kept on continuosly staring @ her, was scared that she will fall off from bed and we had secured her with pillows around and a net above her..... I was the one who was taking care of her"
Me (filled with J) - "Oh is it wat about me??? Was I not there??? Oh I know you needed me to deliver a baby but then you dont need me right.....
Hubby -"No darling you were very much there but you were not taking care of our baby as much as I did" :'( :'(
Me- "So mean of you"....

My Realisation- Oh God I am so possessive about my hubby and even now I cant take it when he favours his nephew over me how would I take it when he favours our baby over me...????????

I keep telling him that he has to get me 2 chocs if he gets one for our baby and similarly in toys too... :) nice bargain isn't it???

Oh lately the topic of me getting preggy is a hot discussion and every random person I talk to or meet has to mention this!!

Some of the conversations/situations  that I have faced

Cousin- Wishes me and says hey you are 29 already when are you having a Baby?
Me- Stop that I am not 29, I have just completed 27 and now 28..
Cousin- Watever its too Late
P.S*- This cousin and her sis both had a baby on their first Anniv

Mom- Why are you guys not trying yet, try before its too late..
Me- Mom why are you being so pushy???
Mom- Actually my sisters (my pedamma's) keep asking me this and even my Mom was enquring "Any News Yet??"

Friend- Hey you are 28 already when will you have baby?
I am all furious coz we had just got married then and that too woth great difficulty(Is there a rule that I cannot conceive after 28???Grrrrrrrrr)
Me- Yeah we have just got married let us think.......

Some randon colleagues stare @ my tummy as if I am preggy... Oh god co-incidently I have put on a lot of weight after marriage and more in the tummy region... Its embarassing.....

Neighbour when we had been to her Son's B'day- "Are you expecting"
Me(Furious) - Nope I just had my periods today (Havent I told you that I was having periods when you came home to invite me??? Are you deaf?? Y are you embarassing me??)

Elder SIL's Co-sister who is close to MIL already had asked this to her- "What no news?? Why dont you talk to them??"
My MIL- She was enquiring about you, and I told her I do not want to ask them, its their wish.. Thanks MIL..
The same lady had come home and can you imagine what she did???
She held my hand and started touching my tummy in circular motion and asked, any news yet???
to which I replied- "No I have gained a lot of weight lately thats y it is showing..."
My earnest request to my Tummy

"Tummy Tummy Please go inside ; Dont come outside until a baby comes inside"

The only person till now who said "Y do you force her so much, let her enjoy at least 1 year of her marriage and think about it after a year, Leave her alone!!" Thanks R Atta (my Mom's SIL)

Oh My dad is also a part in this entire situation... He sweetly says I need my grandchild so that I can play with... I had given dad a surprise gift of Amar chitra Katha Mahabharath series and in return he calls up and says "What is this?? I need grand children to whom I can read this, First gimme that" :)
To which I reply - "Dad you first read it and understand more so you can teach your grandchildren"  witty

On a serious Note hubby loves kids a looooot, wherever you go he will be looking,playing with kids. In one of my nephew's B'day party my hubby was busy playing with kids kids n kids, the entire Mom's side family noticed that my hubby loves kids and were showing it to me n told "See he loves kids so much, this is an indication to you" It was so much in the party that day that I had to feed him food coz he had one or the other kid on his lap playing... :)
I just Love to watch him with kids coz he becomes a kiddu himself... :) Dad is no less and loves kids a lot... As kids he has taken very good care of me n Bro and is very eager to play with his grandchildren.
I too am fond of kids, especially when I see my friends n their kids, but get scared!! Will I be able to manage it?? Who would take care of me? Mom?MIL? I dont want to be unhappy, full of tensions, feel uncomfortable during the most important days of my life with a baby next to me @ the same tiome I also do not want to ask favours and be a burden... Whenever I think about having a baby these thoughts crowd in my mind and I give up saying... Lets see what happens.....

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  1. Hey! I just left a similar comment elsewhere - take your time. Wait until you are ready - have all the fun you can and THEN think about a baby - Having a baby is a life changing decision - think not twice but a 100 times before you decide...