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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 11 April 2011

Sunmmer Holz n Exam results

Summer holz for kids and hence my hubby's nephews Chintoo and Mintoo are home... It is actually nice to hv kids @ home... Yesterday night both C and M were tensed coz their results were due next day... C was threathend by his dad that he will be beaten up tied to a pillar if he doesnt get 96%....Poor chap was very tensed yesterday night and was completely out of mood...

On Thursday 7th April 2011, morning may be around 10:00 AM the younger SIL calls me up to tells me Mintoo's result and here is the little conversation we had-
SIL- "Hey you know want Mintoo scored 95% and is 3rd in the class"
Me- Kool wow congrats to you!
SIL- Wait a sec lemme tell you his marks, aaah he has scored 49 out of 50 in maths...
Me- Thats really great
SIL- Congrats to you!! (Me Happy and shocked too) You teached Mintoo maths and the credit goes to you!! After you teached him maths I did not even touch it and its completely your effort!!!

I was really happy for him and for myself too as my SIL acknowledged my effort!! I soon started figuring out how well to prepare him for his next class :) ha ha How typically of me and how I have become just like my Mom.............

My Childhood memories-
On dot @ 6:30 PM bro and me were taken to upstairs with Mom(she appeared to us like a HITLER") We used to finish our games, pick up our bags and follow the HITLER ..
She used to take stock of wat all happened in our class each day and first help us in our HW and then make us read/learn by asking questions, mocking tests/exams by making us write.... How I used to be scared of her as she used to beat us on the knuckles for doing wrong.... Actually I was Kool coz you know I was very Intelligent and Puntual (Mom says I used to sit down to do homework as sooooooon as I come home from School even before changing and eating ha ha ) It seems that I used to complete my studies and also used to recite poems/answers of my Bro's who was 2 standards higher than mine... When Mom used to ask Bro questions, he sometime used to struggle to answer. I used to jump like a Superman by blurting out the answers/Poems loudly. As a reward Mom used to appreciate me a lot and as a punishment used to get threatenings/scoldings/beatings from Bro later for answering ha ha ha coz mom used to scold him saying "Look Look ur younger sis knows the answer"

If I am here today, sucessful then the credit should defenetely be shared with Mom for the  Strong foundation she gave me... Thanks is a word which is not enough.... :)

Ok comming back to my story,.,.. @ 3:30 the elder nephew chintoo calls me to say he has secured 96% and is 2nd in the class.... Thank god, he got on-dot 96% otherwise I cant imagine what his dad would have done to him.... Poor chap... Now rich as he got 96% and was all happy... I asked him treat and he said "Maama will give me" P.S Maama is my hubby, and chintoo is v close to him, so close that my Hubby forgets me compltetely in his presence,,, Hubby loves kids so much that he forgets me completely..Tannnnn.....It actually can be a blog by itself....

Later that evening both the monsters were v v happy and were celebrating their success, I also joined the celebration and we all had fun...Hubby got them Cricket Set as a present..

Some funny quotes by Chintoos 2 Maama's b4 his results:
Elder Maama- My BIL- "Come lets do a rehersal b4 the actual show... lemme tie you and show you how it feels :)
Younger Maama(My Hubby)- "Hey dont forget to record the beatings that you receive" :)

Discussion on the serious note: Why do parents have to force down so much on the poor children for just some meager % that too on such a small class not even board exams...

Do you remeber the dialogue in the movie Tare Zameen Par(TZP) by Aamir??
"Har bache ki apni khoobi hoti hai, Har bacha ki apni kabiliyat hoti hai, Har bacha apne anusar bhar uthata hai". Does it not pass a message?? Such movies are very insirational and the lessons needs to be learnt from it and just not enjoying the movie.. 

Agreed that Chintoo's papa wouldnt have beaten him as he described but wat abt the kid's mental condition, his fear, his thoughts ??? How much pressure he might have taken? what if he could not meet upto the parent's expectation?????????????????
Me and hubby were having this discussion and we really promised ourselves not to do like this to our kid in future!!

Kids should be given tension free zone so that they can give their 100% in wat they do... I would say they should be told that they will reward them if they score so much but not scare them that saying this is what you are going to receive if you dont....!!

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