Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Summer holz and all u can see around is kids playing, playing n playing….If only we had summer holz in IT industry..:'( sob sob:'(

Hubbys nephews- Chintoo and Mintoo have come home n its fun to be with kids, I try to make sure I cook something special or sometihing that they like, try to spend some time with them, talk to them and whenever time permits play with them too

Card Game - Pictureka!
There are 2 types of cards:
Picture cards - Pictures drawn on them
Mission cards- Topics on them such as a Sporty thing or a Noisy thing
Eg of mission cards are- "A wild Animal" , "A sharp object", "Weather related thing", "A tool" etc…
The picture cards needs to be identified for the appropriate mission card picked… I was the judge who picks up the mission card and the kids find out the suitable match in the picture cards and shout "Pictureka" , I judge who did shout first and if it matches with the mission card or not… It is so much fun to play this,sometimes hubby joins too and adds more fun quotent to it…. Funniest part is the in a hurry to be first identify wrong pictures to the mission cards n bare a penalty…

Apart from this we play the classic UNO, cheating and putting a DRAW 4 card to the probable winner n make him loose ;)
Basic Helicopter(I really coudnt think of a better name)
The other day the kids in the street were playing n laughing , on watching them carefully it was such a simple thing in their hands, a small pipe say around 10 cms long which had a 2 winged plastic colorful head, it looks like this rocket… All you have to do is roll it across your palms and make the thing fly and swivel in the air….It was such a delight to watch 5 to 6 kids play it together,,, the colorful rockets swirled n rolled n fell…. It was really a treat to my eyes :)
 I joined the troop and played tooo… Believe me it was so much fun… :)

Thinking abt  it how many games have I played as a kid??? Lemme try to list it

Guyish Games- Goli, Buguri,  Lagori, Chinni Daandh, Kho-Kho, Hide and seek, kallu Mannu, Chor Police, Raam chand, Joot aata, Fire in the mountain, Chaar Pathar.........

Girlie games - Kunte bille (3 types, Traditional 6 house, 4 squares and aeroplane), Elastic game, 4 stones,Kitchen play set...........

Indoor games- Snake and Ladder, Ludo, chess, chinese chekkers, pictionary,Business, Brainvita,Check 4,

The list continues..........

How many of the above mentioned games do these days kids know, leave abt playing it???? All they know is Mobile games, Vidoe games, Games in Computer/Laptop/Watching Cartoons end of the story.....

No amount of discussions had with Hubby,SIL-MIL, Mom and Frineds the situation will remain the same unless until you make a difference.

Like a squirrels contribution me and hubby encourage C n M to go out and play rather than sticking on to the virtual world!!!, we accompany them to play infact hubby recently bought a cricket set and BIL brought carrom.Hubby and me are very clear that our kid in the future should not stick on to the virtual world and should see and play like how we did... I just hope we shall be able to achieve it!!

Ah Ah Childhood!!!!!! This is something that we can never get it back!!

I remember a poem in Hindi which goes something like this:
"Aaaja Bachpan ek baar phir, de de apni nirmal shaanthi, Vyaakul Vyatha mithane vaalii, who apni apni prakrut vishranti."

I used to love this poem without knowing the in depth meaning of it but today after knowing the exact meaning and feeling that the poetess had I love the poem and her thoughts behind it..... .. Those were the golden days of my or praobably anyones life….
May be just for a day or few hrs I experienced my chilhood back!! And it made my day :) (I am feeling all Nostalgic while I am writing this) 

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