Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 18 April 2011

I am still furious!!!

I should acknowledge that I have the following disease-

  • I cant keep quite while having food be it with hubby or friends… I eat quietly only when I am angry :)
  • I have " A heart as big as a Ocean" types coz I make everyone in the group involved in the discussions/talks to make them feel one amongst us.. Be it in Office or with friends..I feel bad for people who hesitate and hence I talk to them to make feel good.
  • I ask a lot of questions to people to clarify things…
(Dont blame me instead Blame my 2nd Std Class teacher, Miss Sherly who incultivated the habit to ask questions and also to Imagine things) 

My hubby keeps teasing me saying
"You are a Bundle of Questions and Only Questions"
 "If you stand for elections your symbol should be one Big question Mark"

Both the diseases coupled up and gave rise to this situation….Here it goes..

3 of us (Gal friends - L, G and Me) have lunch in Office with another friend R, Since we 3 speak Kannada there are times where either L or G starts off in Kannada and R keeps mum, I sometimes feel bad for R and make sure he understand what we are talking and make sure we speak some common topics where he can pitch in too..

On that particular day L and G were talking in Kannada and after sometime everyone were Quite….. My disease started showing up and instead of keeping quite I asked R- "why are you silent talk something, these days u are pretty silent" (As if I just couldn't shut my big mouth) there started our conversation -

R- The Weather is too Hot these days in Blore…
Me- Yeah true it is gone worse..
R- Its nothing like before you know, it has worsened, Now there is no charm to stay here in Blore anymore..(He was already cribbing for so many things)
L- Yes it is worsened but till date people prefer to stay here coz it is not like Chennai or Delhi you know.
R- Oh no people are moving out these days a lot from here, Many of whom I know wanna leave Blore and go because of this reason only..
Me- Oh Cmmon yes the weather is bad but it is still not like in Delhi you know…extremes…
R- Nah When I was here it was so good, not at all these days, no one wants to stay in Blore these days…
Me- When you were here is when?
R- 3 to 4 years Back you know, from then I am here only..
L- Then why are you here? You could have not come…
R- Oh I did not come here myself, that stupid company of Mine sent me here..It was not my desire to be here..

***By Now L, G(who was a silent observer) and Me became little furious and out tone increased a little

Me- The choice was still yours to come, you could have gone back if not interested.
L- If so then even now you go why are you here? (Very furiously)
R- BTW there is nothing other than IT in Balore and that is the SOLE reason why me or anyone are here in Blore…

***Helloooooooooo Mr R now you started off and you face the consequences………
L, G and me @ the same time started off not sure who spoke what and when.. But the conversation turned discussion now appeared like a fight

L- Come out and see what all you have rather than just sticking on to Indranagar, come to North Blore I will show you.
Me- Blore is not all about your Pubs, Restaurants, Movie halls and Shopping Complexes..

(Yes I agree there have been times when I have also felt that there is nothing here in Blore but that is out of a shear frustration of the routine IT life we live, but here it had become a matter of prestige and love to our Land)

Me/L/G- What do you want tell me??? Have you seen temples around
R- Ok temples, we also have temples there, Temples are there everywhere…what else do you have here?????
Me- What else do you want? Do you need a waterfront? Sorry we don’t have here? Tell me what else you want and I will let you know whether we have it here or not
R- Oh no you tell me what you have here, we have so many things there that we don’t have here.

***L was talking about some old temples which are famous etc.. My Blood started boiling and I could not recollect anything around Taak came the Answer

Me- Have you seen the Palace? (God why is that I couldn’t remember any further famous monuments, buildings etc in Blore)
R- Oh No I haven't seen it…. But this is all there in our place also

***@ this point in time I even forgot where does this fellow hail from, all I knew was is that he is a son of IAS officer and he can pay any amount of money to get his GMAT score of 700 and above…Believe me this is not my imagination R himself said that he wants to pay money to get a 700 + score one day earlier to this incident…
Me- See you have more money in IT that is the reason you are here and everyone needs money
R- Oh don’t talk about Money, We and our people whom I know(I am sure he meant his relatives) have so much Money that you cannot even think about and it is not here with People….

*****************Enuffffffffffff This is toooooooo much!!! This stuck me like a arrow and it was too personal a comment to make… this attack was very much egoistic and showed how much he valued money!!!

L started defending saying " Don’t say that here also people have……….BLANK……" .I could not here anything and all I could think was IAS officer's son who wanted to but his GMAT Score is now talking about MONEY!! This is expected out of him… why is that I did not realize earlier,… Even after G telling me so many times abt how proudish he is about money I always ignored her saying Nope dear he is not proudish even after having so much money n status and here I see hm today in a very different shade…. Oh God I judged someone so wrongly…

G- Lets stop this conversations, people are looking @ us..
G later told me that she wanted to say "Dhikhadiyaana tera aukaad" Oh if only she would have said it!! It suits the him..
Me- You talked about Money and you have really hurt our sentiments here, never expected this from you
R- It is you who talked about MONEY not Me
Me- I just said there is money is IT and never referred Money alone…It was you who pointed out MONEY

***B4 this I wanted to argue more but @ this stage I felt we should stop speaking….. I stopped this conversation..
We all felt very uncomfortable and stopped this discussion/Argument and left the place only feeling more furious and more hatred towards R….

Oh believe me I have had many such arguments with friends in Ex company but never it had turned so sour… This particular one hurt me more as the matter of money was risen and my perspective/judgment about a person proved to be so very false… I guess dats Y ppl say "Never judge anyone by Face"

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