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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 16 May 2011

Roadies 8 - Shortcut To Hell

It came to me as a rude shock when I was watching Roadies 8 the other day with Hubby, we like the show as there are some really adventurous tasks
Let me mention the tasks that was performed by the participants which will substantiate with why I used the term "Rude Shock"

The participants are taken to Brazil and the task goes like this-
Need to come up with as many words as possible in the given English alphabets, The twist is that the Alphabets are hidden in the body of 2 women and a men who has chili sauce spread on their bodies, the Participants, girl to girl and boy to boy need to lick the chili sauce on their bodies to figure out the hidden alphabets….

I couldn’t believe that they can hold such tasks… Yeeeeeeeeeks

One more unbelievable task was to strip Naked in front of a hall packed with audience on stage.. Thank god the task was only for Guys… ;) It was not even a Immunity task but would gain 1 Lakh into Roadies account. 2 Participants (Mohith and Suchit) did agree to strip naked and went on stage and did it, Thank goodness they did not show their treasure to us and it was blackened.. ;)

Discussion- The censor board can postpone the timings of the shows like "Big Boss" and "Raakhi sawaanth show" coz they use abusive language, completely agreed
But what abt this Roadies show where they show guys stripping and Licking??? Doesn’t these shows be banned or at least the time slots changed?? What would a parent answer a kid if questioned??

Edited to add- Was discussing  with a friend that Suraj was voted out etc.. and she told me that "I remeber his auditions, it seems he is a very poor guy, poor guy etc ect.." I was little moved to hear this and with curiosoty I googled roadies 8 and suraj and found that he had faked his identity adn that he was a Bartender and was earning pretty well- Here is the link -

No doubt the so Called in between quotes "Reality Shows" are heavily scripted

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