Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Whatta Wednesday - 3

This was was picked up from FB (cant recall who posted, I saved it for my WW series)

Better to Please yourself rather than the entire world

This was posted by my Cousin sis "C" who has recently lost her Father in a Road accident, I was very happy seeing her post this on her FB.. Better to be positive in life than dead... Every Cloud has a silver Lining...

Hiegths of Optimism


  1. I loved the first one... I generally don't try to please people! :D

    And I'm sorry for your cousin's loss.
    and yes, every cloud has a silver lining! :)

  2. @ Pixie- Agreed coa the more u try to please others it will leave u with dis-satisfaction..I love the saying- "If you wanna please all, you will please none" ..
    Yeah and its been a year now since my Dad's bro has left us, I am glad the family has coped up with his loss!!