Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I am so gald you arrived at last!!

I waited for him for almost 2 months now, Each day when I returned home from Office I search for his presence, search for any clues if he already has come…

I wanted to have him from a very long time, I had dreamt about having him with me, A hot cup of Coffee or Chao with him would mean a world to me..

I have even asked hubby permission to have him, I also enquired many times about him near my house but could not find him anywhere..

Finally in August I was fed up of asking hubby hence went all along by myself and signed a contract (Yes you heard it right, a Contract to make it Legal) to have him for a Year. I know the truth, If I have him for a year, then hubby will realize how happy I am with him and allow me to have him PERMANENTLY.. I am sure hubby will want me to be HAPPY ultimately. Sorry I do not have any Guilt in it, I love him, yes I love him, I feel happy with him, I love the very presence of him around me all the time..

I was so happy to have him @ home, waited each day that he would come Today, Tomorrow, When will he come???
Sometimes even dreamt about how he and me would spend some time, Quality time with each other… I wanted to keep it a secret and not tell hubby about my contract but with a teeny weenie GUILT I finally told hubby and believe me there was no shame, no possessiveness in hubby and he was OK with it…. Sometimes I doubt if my hubby really LOVE me?? How can he share me with someone?? Would I share him with someone else whom he is so passionate enough?? Or may be he is OK with it just because he Loves me a lot!!

Shamelessly I called up DAD to ask if he has come there, the answer was No.. Dad was fed up with my frequent questioning and grumbled on day saying "You are mad, why did you call him home??? Your hubby also doesn’t say anything to you??" I felt sad, I lost all hopes that he would even come… Leaving my last bit of shame I even enquired FIL If he had come home when I was out, FIL enquired details about him and said ohhhh! He is a very nice guy, I have met him before, He is a good guy…

I was like - "I know he is good, but please don’t let him go when he comes next time… Please allow him into our house, Into my life…"

Yesterday @ Office I even googled about him secretly, I wanted to complain that he is still not come, was not even sure whom should I complain to??.. Hence I was super frustrated on how he couldn't value our 1 year signed contract.. Was wondering if it reached him or not. In the evening when hubby picked me from Bus stop we went home, hubby asked if we can go for a fav coffee shop (Not CCD but a small coffee shop next to the dosa camp near our home) I refused as I was in no mood, Coffee without him was no fun!!, my mind is so pre-occupied about him that I refuse many things these days!!…

Once I got out of the car I went to open the gates so that hubby can park his car inside…Instead of opening the gates wide my eyes fell upon him… he was there….He came to me finally.. I opened my arms enough to embrace him… Yes I am talking about RD, I Danced with joy and embraced him finally to my hearts content.. I told him not to leave me and go again… The contract is just in papers, I wanted him for my life.. Forever..

Are you curious to know who I am bragging about so much? Whom I was dying to have? Whom I have been dreaming about??It is RD.. Not RD Burman but Reader's Digest!! Yes I had subscribed him (ha ha I mean RD) for a Year in the month of August, I eagerly waited for the first copy to hit home in Early Oct but it never did, After a Long wait I received the first copy Yesterday, I was so thrilled to see it on the post box that hung on the gate of our home, I quickly took him to my hand and danced with joy!! Literally danced… later I unwrapped the wrapper around it to only realize it was the Issue for the Month of September!!!

RD was introduced to me by Mom.. Mom used to get one every month (mostly) and I picked it up form her, I used to love reading every page of it, be it the Wordpower, Laughter the best Medicine (Its now just called "Laughter"), Lifes like that, My Story Etc..

I used to sometime pick up one from the strands when me n hubby went to Landmark or Crosswords.. I have even hinted him just so he subscribes one for me.. Finally I was fed up and sometime in August this year I filled out the forms and got 2 subsriptions, one for myself and one for my Mom.. Mom received her copy Long back where I did not and was desperately waiting for it!! Finally my copy of RD arrived yesterday but it was not of Oct or Nov it was for the Month of September!! I felt it was kinda Anniversary gift for me!! 

P.S- Hubby hasnt given me a gift neither on my First B'day after marriage nor on our First Anniversary!!


  1. LOL!!

    I used to love RD as a kid and we used to get issues regulary! But, then it stopped somehow at home..

    how is the quality now? I heard its filled more with Ads than with reading material? Is that true?! :(
    (I really hope not) because I so love RD too!

  2. Wow! Im a huge fan of Reader's Digest too. Well written post :-) But I have lost the interest now because its only got more advertisements and the quality of the articles hve also gone down - so has the size!!

  3. Oh my god !! it was a mistery for me almost till the end of the post !! :)

  4. @ Pixie - I agree even I felt the difference, The Ads are more than wat it used to be.. but STILL I LOVE RD the same.. especially the Laughter content, Today for that matter I was laughing rather loudly as I read on of the jokes and ppl around gave me weird stares (to which I did not care though)

    @ RS- Thanks for liking the post, like I said it was my first attempt to write such a kind of post..I STILL LOVE RD...:)

    @G- That was the exact make it mysterious till the end..