Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Random Rumblings...Rant..Rant..Rant..

Watched Bol - A very Bold movie indeed! Liked the first Pakistani Movie, I feel many such movies should come up and inspire the people.. The one lingering question it focused on was - "Agar maarna ek zurm hai, toh paida karna zurm kyun nahin hai??"

Visited Amma Mane on Friday and stayed overnight (without hubby) before Mom and Dad left to South India Trip... Felt very relaxed...Chatting constantly, browsing through the channels, ate and slept well..
Got facials done from Mom's house and felt more relaxed!!

Hubby came to Mom's house to pick me..This was kind of unplanned n I like it!!
First time we visited a construction site, a famous builder M and his latest project, the project was mind blowing and too tempting an offer!! but the cost of the project was exuberantly out of budget for us :(

Sleeping Beauty!
First time in my life after marriage I almost slept an entire day!!! Thanks to the Holiday and my Periods.. Had a very relaxing day, slept to glory!! Had breakfast at 11:00 and Lunch @ 5:00 pm.Hubby was WFH and this made it much easier for me to relax the entire day!!

Water water!!
Yeah I cant believe myself but true that I have started drinking more water!!!!
Thanks to Hubby for installing an app in my Phone that reminds me to drink water time to time.. :p

Plans cancelled ;(
Had made up a nice plan to shop in Commercials with frnd G and later watch a movie..all got cancelled due to my health (actually periods) Also there was no good movie running in the theatres that was worth a watch.

Currentlyy reading Nicholas Spark's - Nights in Rodanthe after his "At first Sight" and am enjoying it thoroughly.. with a novel in hand I dont grumble about the traffic while travelling and also get a good nights sleep reading novels just b4 bed

We us Ours
Its been a very Long time since hubby and me hv gone out somewhere, shopping is an OLD story.. I so much wanted to celebrate my 7 yrs in IT + Our 9 yr Anniv (the special one) + his new job by just one Pizza party but this is just not happening... too many things to tackle @ home.. This has rather created too much tensions, worry etc and leads to fights between us.. Really looking forward to spend some quality time with hubby..

Sharing helps
Surprised but true that hubby took me to park on a Monday evening by himself, no push from my side.. I was looking frwd to have nice romantic time between us.. but for my surprise he started talking continuously... about his current work, his future Plans his growth etc... I was very glad that he discussed it with me and I was felt wanted!! I have also promised him to standby his decisions no matter how risky they seemed to be..  like Saath Nibhana saathiya...

Nauk Jaunk

Hubby tells me this - "You are the only one who scolds me soooooooo much, I hv never been scolded by anoyone in my life as much as you, if it was anybody other than you, I wouldnt hv kept quite.. but with you I let you be...Infact I like it when you scold me.."

Cho chweet isnt it... But Grrrrrrrr coz he makes me SCOLD him most of the time... oh sorry evey time.. But when he siad the above sentence I had a smile on my face.. :)

Another Grrrrrrrr Moment

Hubby is gone to attend an interview today morning at 9:30 form then till now which is 3:40 PM no reply to my Ocean of SMS's and not replying my calls...Uffff I think I will not call 911.. :p

Well just got a reply after the ocean of Sms that too 4 words,,,"Finished interview just now"
Now I shall retire to call him and pour him with questuions..


  1. Welcome to Indiblogger. Interesting chunks there too. Different post it was. Good luck

  2. Thanks Sushma for the warm welcome and nice words too!! Will keep in touch!!