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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekend Saga-2 Amma Mane!

I just realized that I have not been writing any blogs in the last few days..Oh No I am not busy @ all.. Just that the time flies by..

An empty mind is a devil's workshop is so damn true!! I am relatively free in the last few days and my mind is actually become a devil's workshop..

  • My To-do-List is ever increasing…with not many ticks against the tasks that are completed..
  • I have become a Lazy bum, instead of taking office bus in the mornings, I get up late and end up taking Public Volvo bus and reach late to office, due to which I leave late and again reach home late!! The entire day is over leaving behind a very grumpy mood!!
  • I crave for a nice holiday, especially after seeing someone put up a post/snaps in FB about their holiday/Picnic
  • I would collect all the recipes and keep, but will be in no mood to cook, as I do not like my Kitchen, I would love to have a Big European kitchen with stuff more organized
  • I would download a lot of movies but refuse to watch any
  • Would drool over and refuse to buy a new novel that I hv been wanting to buy
  • Would re-read the same CnH book and dream of owning the entire CnH series once promised by hubby on our Anniversary
  • Would love to do some art work but lack the energy
  • Would have the urge to blog but loose interest to do so immediately

All these r the effect of boredom, empty without work in office!! Some weeks back I had so much work and still wanted to do everything I just mentioned but due to lack of time I couldn't do it, Now that I have time I lack the passion or interest to do it...

Is there a solution to all this?? Yes there is… If hubby is reading this "I wanna Holiday" :) Nice way to demand one… :p
Ok here is my weekend Updates.. Mostly Amma Mane, oh believe me - visiting Amma mane makes me feel so relaxed (Mind body and Soul) that I actually feel fresh on the coming Monday.. :) 

Thursday 17th Nov - After office drove down to Tumkur to attend a friend's wedding Reception and returned home back by 11:30 PM
Hardly met any friends as they were visiting the next day, another Friend declared his marriage and informed it will be in Feb @ Mangalore.

Friday 18th Nov- Came late to office and left late too, was in full josh as we had planned to go for shopping in the weekend but hubby had an interview to attend on Saturday hence we planned to go to Mom's house after his interview
I was so happy as Hubby called up just before leaving office and informed me that we shall go to the much due "Pizza hut" for dinner today, when I enquired it will be late blah blah, hubby promised that he shall handle it and tell that we shall be late from office etc.. I was thrilled that we shall go for a Dinner Date and that too in my fav Pizza joint… With all hopes n dreams I travel back home in Office bus.

I got down n called hubby to know where has he reached  (generally when I am late he comes to pick me when he returns from Office) He informed me that something came up and he couldn't come soon and he will be late, Disappointed I walked towards the Bus Stop and was waiting for the BMTC bus.. The Auto walaas refused to come to my area and hence I took a bus to R T Nagar and from there again another bus to Sulthanpalya.. I was jammed between so many people and was suffocating.. The idea of walking 15 mins from there to home made me feel good as I wanted some fresh air!! Like a tortoise I was counting my steps… Purchased Potato chips n Sprite hoping that we can watch a movie in the night..

Hubby calls up and zooooomed in to pick me up and drop me home.. I was surprised to see him coz I expected he will be home only after I reach to which he said "Somehow I wanted to pick u and drop you home today, no matter it is just few meters away, I wanted to drop u today as I cancelled our dinner plans.." Felt nice and we took a drive back home..
Wanted to watch a movie @ home, but slept soon as we had to get up soon the next day

 Saturday 19th Nov- Relatively got up soon as hubby had a interview to attend, I prepared hot hot Upma and sent hubby, After breakfast cleaned home and washed a truck load of clothes and left for Bank to drop a cheque, gave clothes to Iron, my dress for repair and went to a supermarket to buy stuff

For Lunch along with Rice and Dal I prepared Corn Omelet and after Lunch I had bath and packed as we had decided to go to Mom's house while hubby took a nap..
Then left to mom's house by 5:00 and reached by 6:00 PM, Enroute we had packed nice Vada, bonda bajji to have with Evening Tea…

After Yummy tea and snacks mom insisted we go out for shopping or Dinner but we all refused to step out wanting to stay home and chill..
We watched a comedy movie "The Punjab something…" I completely forgot it was a Hinglish movie based on some Singing contest called "Desi Idol" similar to Indian Idol, it was a comedy movie and we all enjoyed it and went back to sleep..Zzzzzz

 Sunday 20th Nov - Got up late, Had nice tea with Madhur vada (Mayya's madhur vada) and mom was ready with one of the special Breakfasts, Oth shavige, it is basically vermicelli made of rice, completely home cooked, 2 types one which can be eaten with the ghas ghas kheer and the other like lemon rice she prepares the vermicelli…After yummy breakfast, we were lying on the sofa watching TV,, Finally we got ready to go to Meenakshi maal Bannergatta, had Meals @ Mc D and headed for shopping, we both shopped a lot and also took a dress for mom too!!

Booked a movie Ticket for "Tintin in 3D" for the 9:50 PM show, I was shocked as hubby nodded for the movie even though it was a light night show and we had to go home too in the night.. Visited my Maama's house actually first time after marriage and then returned home… I packed all our stuff as we were to leave to our home after the movie, we headed to Cinepolis and had a great time watching the Movie first time with Mom, dad n bro after our marriage.. After the movie we left home and reached at 11:30 PM, I unpacked all the stuff and hit the bed around 1:00 AM..

P.S- The Pizza treat which was planned is still Due and my taste buds are craving for the Pizza Hut garlic bread and the movie plan @ home is also unfulfilled yet..

If I die now,, My soul will BE UNSATISFIED and will wander to hv Garlic bread in PH and watch a Movie @ home with hubby… :P :D :)

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